DC UNCUT will only accept music submitted by the Artist that owns the song. All music submitted will be reviewed by our staff and is not subject to be played on DC UNCUT STATION.  DC UNCUT was design for DC artists only, any artists submitting music to us that do not live in the DC area  will not be allowed on our station. Please note that DC UNCUT does not pay artists that submit their music to our station if we decide to play your song. Our goal is to get your music out to as many listers as possible to give you more exposure! 


To submit your music to DC UNCUT, must be emailed to by MP3 files only. All music submitted must be edited in order to be played on our site. Please include your Bio, Photo and contact info in your email. 


Looking to get your music heard on a nationwide level, then RADIO UNCUT can help! RADIO UNCUT has over 20 stations across the country. If you are interested email us at


DC UNCUT MIX CD will feature the hottest singles from DC Artists each month.  DC UNCUT will feature this mix cd on our show each night for one month.  If you are interesed email us at


Going no where with your music, and need help? DC UNCUT was designed to teach each one of our clients how to promote their music to radio stations, marketing plans, tours, epk kits, BDS regestration, copyrights, graphic design, music videos, production and Entertainment Lawyers to assist with contracts!  For more info email or call us at

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